Potty problems

Lina is now at my mother in law. Earlier, she calls and tells proudly that Lina has made their big business in the potty. In the first moment, I was already bad caught off guard. I didn’t that it puts them on the potty. I also have ever not busy had me.


When should you start?
I finds still too early. And even if I don’t want it to sit there for hours on it. According to my SchwieMu, she was just on it.


I think that was the purest. my mother is of also of the opinion as soon as they can…sitting alone
KESA is now 19 months old and I try that at least she knows what I ding well the funny thing is take them with when I go to the bathroom and put on it but jumping on it the first time and runs away crying and recently she makes fun of me sits up the pot and makes pee sounds


I‘m Dario are which he self run kan on the potty.
So the 10 month and start potty training carol cline he everything in there. Of course also something in the diapergoes.
I think that depends on getting the child when it goes to the potty.

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