Potty Training history

Clean be science and history
The study titled “clean becoming” is not very extensive. The current recommendation for certified wait based on the Zurich longitudinal studies, in which the Swiss pediatrician Remo was Largo instrumental. Since 1954, while more than 700 children of adolescence accompanied and watched closely during their development.
The potty training usually already in the first (!) was at the beginning of these investigations in the 1950s Age started in the first half year of life already 32% of children over a pot or a toilet bowl were held. With 9 months, that was the case with 64%of the children and to the first birthday were 90% of the children “transplanted”. This approach changed in the 70’s and the general parenting style was child-oriented 1980s fundamental on the one hand, on the other hand, the washing machine was introduced into German households and facilitated the diapers wash enormously what effectively took the pressure from the subject.
Then were the disposable diapers on the market, the expectations of the children relaxed in addition it was now averaging potty training in 3 days by carol cline about 14 months later than previously started potty training. Nevertheless, were and are still just as quickly dry as before children. The longitudinal studies have shown that the children were just as quick dry, asbefore namely on average with about 28 months.
These results are very impressive evidence that is in the water are clearly a maturation process, can not be accelerated as well as running or learn to speak. There aresome things that indeed support these processes but no child runs, speaks, or used the pot really faster, because it carries it with him or coached.
How is it so beautiful? The grass grows no faster when you pull it.
When are children dry?
Even newborns can signal when they need time. Therefore, it is possible to “diaper-free babies grow up. Is however not observed on these signals and permanently, a diaper put on the baby, this amazing ability is lost unfortunately quite quickly. I evenheard about “diaper-free” Unfortunately too late so that I could try it no longer. So it goes in this article only the clean are children who have lost their natural control over bladder and bowel through the use of diapers.
The range when the water is enormous typically mature sometime between the second and fifth birthday the bladder and bowel control so far, that children can become dry. During this process succeeds in children first and gradually better, consciously perceive excretions. You withdraw more and want to be disturbed in their transactions. The first step when dry is the message that the diaper is full.
Gradually, children then begin to develop interest which shows the following graphic to get dry developed this interest and thus the initiative as for toilets and potty,diaper contents:

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