Potty Training Tips 2

What you can do

To determine when the child of the relationship between urge and “Result” to be aware is starting to, observing carefully, at which times it usually “must”. In an age in which it begins to become aware of the operations, him looking at it often, it is soon ready. If you now set it to the potty, it learned the connection between “Business” and potty easier. But not mistakenly assume the child could – as an adult just “let go”, when sitting on the potty. Relax at this age this is more difficult as holding back and needs to be learned. As withholding potty training in three days carol cline as”easier” manages the child first, it will exercise this newly learned ability quite naturally also as first if it sits on the potty (therefore the longer sessions). The exercise of “letting go” manages all people then, if resignedly lifting it from the potty, be indulgent – something is never bad will.
If you registered relatively “hard times”, to which the child “must” (such as upon waking or after meals), it can be useful to put it potty – even if they are still not the urge him at these times on it.
From the outset, you should explain the child what it’s about at all. You show him his product in the diaper, call it – for example with “AA” – and explain him that it belongs in the potty.
Give the child the ability to remember such names, to register later, when it “needs”, by terms such as “AA” or “Pee” regularly with its products in context. The language plays a very important role in the understanding.
Wrinkling the nose, not if you’re talking “about it”. Children can read quite well on faces and react with uncertainty and holding back, if you understand them, they produce something “Bad”. The gang on the potty should be viewed as a normal, new skill, learn it – no more and no less.
Do not scold you or not seen very disappointed if a session has brought no success – understand your child these reactions at all and knows not where he went with his uncertainty.
Too much praise on a ‘hit’ makes about special potty progress, too little may, however, discourage – moving in between, it sure is right. Give her child a success experience especially the feeling of having done something right and praise, without exaggeration. From a full pants you should during the whole learning do not having an affair, but rather calmly point out that the product actually belongs in the potty.
Avoid meetings that take longer than a few minutes. Otherwise, the understanding of the relationship between “Business” and session lost the child.
Last but not least – don’t lose your sense of humour! Finally the consolation is that we have learned so far all it!

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